Curious Kid’s Museum

Visit the Curious Kid’s Museum – St. Joseph, Michigan

Traveling with kids can always be a lot of fun.  Keeping them busy can be a tough job, especially when you are going somewhere new.  It is best to find places to go to that are kid friendly.  That is why many people take their kids to Michigan.  There you can find several cities that love children.  In fact, they build places for children to go to.  One place in particular is in St. Joseph.
The Curious Kid’s Museum has been visited by over 70,000 people each year.  This exciting place will have your kids begging for more.  Parents even love to come here.  This hand on museum can stimulate children of every age.  The exhibits and programs stimulate the senses and offer learning opportunities for everyone.  One exhibit that many children enjoy is called the Awesome Apple Orchard.  This area of the museum teaches young people about Michigan agriculture as they pick apples from trees and learn apple facts.  Children love to pretend that they are Johnny Appleseed.

Another exciting place is the Discovery Room Rainforest.  It includes bug terrariums with live insects.  The insects are those that can be found in the Rain Forest.  Some of these bugs are hissing cockroaches and millipedes.  You can also venture into Gorilla Research Hut and play with Rain Forest puppets, see a giant tree with artificial insects and examine items found in the rain forest.  While hanging out in this exhibit your children can play with a hands on discovery box.  It has plenty of interesting items in it.  They will have a blast playing with costumes of the native rain forest animals.

The Curious Kid’s Museum also has something for infants to four year olds.  The Toddle Farm has a lot of activities that can play.  There is a barn that the little ones will enjoy playing in.  They can collect eggs from the chicken coop and plant and harvest vegetables.  There are also interactive murals that depict Mother Goose and all of her nursery rhymes.  Send water rushing into the duck pond and watch the waterfall.  There is a little something for everyone.  Your children, and you, will love this area of the museum.

The museum is open every day from June until Labor Day and is also open from September until May, Wednesday through Sunday.  This is a great place to visit and spend a few days with your kids, learning and having fun together.  The museum has a few policies.  They are basically, expect to come and have hands on fun, actively engage and participate in the learning and come back again.  Visit the city of St. Joseph and have a fun vacation with your family.

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