Fun Family Activities in Metro Detroit

Fun with Kids in the Motor City

Detroit may not be the first place you think of when you are planning a vacation, but there are many great things to do in the Metro Detroit area. Detroit is known for its extensive history of cars and music, but there is so much more to the area. Here are some ideas for a fun family vacation in the Motor City and surrounding areas.

Walk With the Animals

The Detroit Zoo is a great place to visit with children. There are many staple zoo animals, but, along with those animals, there are several exhibits housing different mammals and reptiles.

For instance, the “Arctic Ring of Life” is an excellent exhibit featuring polar bears and seals. The best feature of this exhibit is a glass tunnel that is under the bears’ habitat, allowing families to get a unique view of the animals’ world.

Some Fun and Games

Depending on the season, there is usually something going on in the Detroit sports community. Detroit is home to the Pistons (NBA), the Red Wings (NHL), the Lions (NFL) and the Tigers (MLB).

The Pistons play at the Palace of Auburn Hills, located about 30 miles north of Detroit. The Red Wings, Tigers and Lions all play in venues in Downtown Detroit. The Wings play at the historic Joe Louis arena, while the Lions and Tigers play at the newer venues, Ford Field and Comerica Park, respectively.

Go Back in Time

For a view of Detroit and early American history, check out the Detroit Historical Museum. This building shows the history of early explorers and settlers in Detroit. It even has a Streets of Old Detroit exhibit, showing what life in early Southeastern Michigan was like.

Also, the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are an astounding place to get a deeper look at history. The Museum has inventions from over the years, as well as historical items such as the Lincoln that President Kennedy was assassinated in.

Outside, in Greenfield Village, there are many historical homes and places of interest brought together on one lot, such as the Wright Brothers’ Bicycle Shop, Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory, a working 1880s farm and the original Ford Motor Company.

There are many things to do in Metro Detroit, but to begin at the basics can lead to much family fun.

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