Have Fun at the Detroit Zoo

If you have been looking for a fun place to visit and a place that you can let your hair down, then make sure your travel plans include the Detroit Zoo.  Detroit MI is a fun city to be in, but add the zoo and you have a vacation that has a little bit of everything, shopping, museums and fun all wrapped in one.

The Detroit Zoo is not just for kids.  It is a place that everyone can enjoy.  The animals are flourishing and there are many attractions and exhibits throughout the zoo that you can visit.  The Arctic Ring of Life is a favorite of many.  It is four acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits.  A 70 foot long clear tunnel allows you to see polar bears up close.  It winds through a vast underwater marine environment.  The Polar Passage is twelve feet wide and eight feet tall.  It will take you underneath diving and swimming polar bears and seals.  Don’t worry the seals and the polar bears are separated from each other with a transparent barrier.  This zoo is known for breeding polar bears and has been for years.

Another exciting attraction is the National Amphibian Conservation Center.  Amphibiville is dedicated to amphibians from around the world.  These amphibians inhabit a 2 acre wet land.  The bullfrogs and other creatures fill this unique environment.  Walk around and see all that is has to offer.  After seeing all the amphibians, be sure to see the African animals in the African Grasslands.  This exhibit will teach you about the ecosystem as you see wart hogs, giraffes, and zebras, white rhinoceros’ and African birds roaming the grounds.  The landscape is absolutely beautiful and you will be mesmerized by the grasses and plants and trees.

The white rhinoceros is a favorite of everyone that comes to the zoo.  Tamba and Jasiri are six and seven year old rhinos that have been at the zoo for a few years now.  This animal is the second largest living land animal.  Weighing in at about nine thousand pounds they weigh almost more than a super cab pickup truck.  Stop by and say hi to these two fun animals. Aside from the Detroit Zoo, Detroit Michigan/USA, also has interesting sites, like the Belle Isle and Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, to name a few.

While spending a day at the Detroit/Detroit/Zoo, you are sure to be famished.  Don’t worry; there are plenty of places to eat.  The Safari Café and the Arctic Food Court both serve family friendly items.  Look for pizza, burgers, ice cream and chicken fingers in these two places.  Other food carts can be found throughout the zoo along with other cafes and restaurants.  Spend a day at the Detroit Zoological Park and you will learn a lot, as well as have a lot of fun.   Aside from the Detroit Zoo, Detroit/Michigan/USA, also has interesting sites, like the Belle Isle and Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, to name a few.

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