Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Thomas Edison Depot Museum – Port Huron, Michigan

At one time Thomas Edison worked as a news butcher in the Fort Gratiot depot built in 1858 and occupied by Edison from 1859 to 1863. Here the trains connected Port Huron with the rest of the world and hauled freight between Port Huron and Detroit and Point Edward/Samia (Ontario).

The depot was converted into the museum to display Edison’s multi-faceted story of creativity, family support, adversity, perseverance, and ultimate triumph as one of the greatest inventors of our times.

The museum has hands on exhibits allowing you to re-create period environments for you to become participants in the story of Edison and to apply your own creativity and ingenuity as you learn about Edison’s life and his inventions.

The Edison family re-located to Port Huron from Ohio when Tom was a young boy.  The museum shares the story of his time as a young boy and his school experiences and passion for scientific study fostered by his mother.  It tells of his adolescent entrepreneurial efforts and his work on trains at this very location.  You will also learn of the transitional times Edison had and the struggles he faced as a young adult going from one job to another.  He faced some setbacks as he worked with his inventions and then saw some successes and his great contributions to society which you will see presented in a sit-down theater experience, live science presentations, and hands-on inter actives.

The museum also has outdoor exhibits providing insights into this heritage and highlighting Native American settlements, historic forts, the city’s transportation links, and its importance as an immigration gateway to the United States.

In the restored baggage care that sits on a spur outside the depot you will see a re-creation of young Edison’s mobile chemistry lab and printing shop.

Hours: Memorial Day to Labor Day

Open 7 days – 11am to 5pm

Thursday through Monday rest of the year

Location: Thomas Edison Parkway, Port Huron, MI 48060

Phone: (810)982-0891


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