Skiing in Northeast Michigan

Skiing in Northeast Michigan – Gaylord, Michigan

This area of the state receives approximately 175 inches of snow each year.  It is an ideal area to come to enjoy the great skiing in the mid-west.

There are downhill ski slopes that are appropriate for the beginner and those with a big enough challenge to keep the skills of the seasoned skier sharp.

The area has 23 downhill ski runs and even instructions on both skiing and snowboarding.

Enjoy the quiet of the area with cross-county skiing at it’s best.  The wooded areas are perfect for those quiet times alone where you may see a few deer or other animals as well as beautiful sights.

This area is also a big area for the second most popular sport in Michigan…snowmobiling.  With the white powder on top of a solid base the machines fly through the area giving everyone a fabulous time on the trials.

During the summer months the area is wonderful for biking and hiking.  With numerous trails for you to explore you will want to spend many hours in this beautiful area of the state.

You may enjoy fly fishing on the Pigeon or Sturgeon Rivers.  If you want there are guides that can assist you to find the right area for successful fishing but if you are already an experienced fly fisherman you will probably just want to enjoy the beauty of the area, find your own spot and cast away.

There are horseback riding stables in the Gaylord area for you to enjoy while on your vacation in the area.  Mount up and take a pleasant ride through the woods, see the wonders of nature from horseback.

The quaint village of Gaylord will be a wonderful place to stay while you are exploring the wonders that surround the area.

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