Hazen’s Blueberry Farm – Howell, Michigan

In the 1950’s and 60’s Arthur and Edna Hazen purchased 25 acres of land in Commerce Township and 80 acres in Howell, Michigan. After clearing the land during evenings, weekends, and holidays, Art and his son, Dennis planted over 25 acres of blueberry bushes and launched the future of Hazen’s Blueberry Farms.

Dennis continued to help his dad in the fields. And while he was growing up, Dennis and the rest of the family, would pick, clean, and package the berries for sale to large markets and local stores. As time passed the farms consolidated in Howell and became strictly U-pick, offering an exceptional variety of fruits including blueberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, apples, plums and peaches.  Picking your own blueberries costs $1.32 per pound with them providing the buckets.  If you insist in missing the experience of picking your own you can buy pre-icked at $4.50 per pound.  The require 24 notice for all pre-picked orders.

Throughout the years Hazen’s Blueberry Farm has remained a family owned business with Dennis’s newphew Tony Buchholz currently managing the farm. Opening day of berry season has become a working family tradition as everybody pitches in. Today, Dennis’s nephew Tony and his family are an integral part of the day to day operations.  Keeping it in the family has helped ot make this an exceptionally well cared for operation.  The family pride shows in every corner of the farm.  Come and see what they mean.

For three generations, the Hazen family secrets have been hard work, innovation, and a total commitment to our customers. The family and employees of Hazen’s Blueberry Farm value your patronage and they look forward to seeing you at the farm.

To pick the blueberries all you have to do is cup your hands under the ripe berries and gently tap them with your thumbs.  The rip berries will fall into your hand, leaving behind any berries that need further ripening.  You will probably be able to pick about 10 pounds in a hour.

Other fruits you can pick:

Black Raspberries July 5th-July 21st
Blueberries July 10th – Aug 15th
Red Raspberries Aug 15th – Oct 15th
Peaches – Call for availability
Plums – Call for availability  The dates are approximate, call for more information.
Hazen’s Farm
1144 Peavy Road
Howell, MI 48843

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